The Motive: Disruption (July, 2017)

Rekha Malhotra, aka DJ Rekha, is a true trailblazer in her industry. She exemplifies the idea that if you can't find what you want or need, you can create it yourself and disrupt the existing system. In an interview this week, she talks about her first encounter with Ragamala:

Malhotra confessed that when she first came into contact with Ragamala Dance Company while in residency at an art space, she assumed the director who had paired them together did so thoughtlessly because their artistic mediums were so different. However, what she discovered was a company that both challenged and advanced her way of thinking about performance, "Yet, what happened was that we found synergy. It wasn't because our art practices were similar, or the content of our art practices were similar, but in some ways, our methods were similar. Or our challenges were similar. Or our desire to build audiences." DJ Rekha said, "So, we were working with something that has a lot of preconceived notions, and we're trying to disrupt that."

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