At the Ragamala School students receive classical training in the style of Bharatanatyam carefully created by the internationally renowned Padma Bhushan Alarmel Valli, considered to be one of India’s greatest living masters. This style is distinguished by its technical perfection and grace, and Artistic Directors Ranee Ramaswamy and Aparna Ramaswamy are dedicated to preserving and carrying on their guru’s tradition and passing it on to the next generation of dancers.

Ragamala classes provide students with rigorous training while giving them an opportunity to learn about, preserve, and immerse themselves in the arts and culture of India. The Ragamala School’s unique program stresses artistic excellence and a professional level of training while fostering cultural awareness.

The Ragamala School offers introductory through advanced level classes for ages 7 through adult. 



For more information on classes please visit our registration page, or contact us through

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