[The piece] demonstrates yet again why Ragamala is so vital to the Twin Cities dance scene... there’s a slice of heaven to be found in “Body, the Shrine.”
— The Star Tribune

In Body, the Shrine, choreography, mythography, and Bhakti poetry entwine to connect the spiritual, the immediate, the intimate, and the transcendent. ‘Bhakti’ is a Sanskrit term meaning both ‘devotion’ and ‘participation.’ The Bhakti poets erased any dichotomy between the sacred and the personal, seamlessly interweaving the two to express deep longing, anguish of separation, ecstasy, and the desire to reach salvation/transcendence. Body the Shrine excavates the visceral wisdom of this poetic tradition—a tradition that strikes a chord across time and geography—to explore the sacred sanctuary that exists within each of us.



The creation of Body, the Shrine was supported in part by the National Endowment for the Arts, the Marbrook Foundation, the Goodale Family Foundation, and New Music USA (to follow the project as it unfolds visit https://www.newmusicusa.org/projects/body-the-shrine). Music for Body, the Shrine was commissioned by the Charles and Joan Gross Family Foundation.